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Texas Motorcycle insurance coverage

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Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

Do you love motorcycles more than our CEO? Chances are you don’t…but that doesn’t mean you don’t get goosebumps when riding season comes and you pull that steel horse out of it’s stable. I know what you are thinking “how could I ever live without her/him?” Yes, we are still talking about your motorcycle.

The last thing you want is your friends calling you up to go for a ride, but you can’t because your motorcycle was not insured properly, and something happened. So hit that quote button and let one of our agents help you protect your toy.

  • Liability Protection – This is what protects you when you are at fault in an accident. The state minimum liability limits are $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident which is sometimes written “30/60.” While this is the minimum, it may not be enough to protect you and your assets. How much insurance do you need? Our agents can help with that. You do not want to be caught with not enough insurance if you injure someone in an accident as medical costs can get high
  • Property Damage Liability – Protects you if you cause damage to someone else’s property
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM/UIM) – In the event someone with no insurance, too little insurance or a hit-and-run driver hits you, UM/UIM will kick to help you out. You can use your insurance to help cover medical expenses or for repairs to your vehicle. In the state of Texas, you are not able to have UM/UIM amounts higher than what you insure yourself for.
  • Comprehensive – This is to protect your vehicle from things like theft, fire, natural disasters or vandalism. If your vehicle is damaged by a covered peril, your insurance will pay to repair or replace it up to the Actual Cash Value of the vehicle, minus your deductible.
  • Collision – If you are involved in an accident and hit another vehicle or fixed object and you want your car fixed, Collision coverage may help. This will pay to have your car repaired or replaced up to the actual cash value of the vehicle, minus the deductible.
  • Medical Payments – If the driver or someone else is injured in your vehicle this may help pay for medical expenses related to the injuries sustained.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – In addition to covering medical expenses, this can also help pay for lost wages.


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