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Texas Condo insurance coverage

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Condo Insurance in Texas

When you are in the market for a condo in Texas, you will need to know all about the appropriate insurance to have. Getting coverage from the Revolutionary Insurance Group LLC means that your Corpus Christi, TX condo will be protected, giving you peace of mind.

What Condo Insurance Includes

The first thing to know about this type of insurance is that it is not the same as rental insurance is, though that is a common belief in Texas. Condo insurance includes much more than rental insurance does. Condo associations issue insurance that they base either on a single entity or bare walls. Single entity coverage not only insures the building the unit is in but the appliances and other fixtures as well. Bare walls coverage insures the building. The insurance also covers:

  • elevators
  • floors
  • roof

Any property that is damaged in a common area is covered by condo insurance. Liability protection is also offered with this type of insurance. In addition, extra living expenses are also offered when necessary. For example, if your condo is damaged due to fire, the insurance will cover the cost of living somewhere else while the damage is being repaired. It encompasses not only rent but also food and other relevant costs.

However, other types of damage are covered. They include damage from windstorms, hail, and vehicles.

In Texas, condo insurance is also referred to as HO6. It is required of everyone who owns a unit throughout the state. This insurance must be purchased by anyone who is buying a condo.

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If you need condo insurance in Corpus Christi, TX, be sure to contact our team at Revolutionary Insurance Group LLC. You can call or go online to request a quote for your own condo.


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