What Every Homeowner Should Know About Home Insurance

If you are a new homeowner in Corpus Christi, TX, home insurance can appear as complicated. But this shouldn’t be the case when you have an insurance partner like Revolutionary Insurance Group Corpus. We offer advice on home insurance coverages, when to update your policy, and so on.

But before going far, here are the basics that each homeowner should know about home insurance.

It may be mandatory

Yes, no Texas law requires homeowners to purchase home insurance, but if you have bought your home through a mortgage, your lender may insist you purchase home insurance. So, before signing off the loan agreement, be sure you understand the home insurance coverage required by your lender. 

Understand what your home insurance covers

You must understand what your policy covers. Otherwise, how will you know how to boost your home insurance policy? Generally, home insurance covers your dwelling and personal contents. However, you may add other coverages to cover liabilities and loss of use. 

But instead of assuming what your home insurance covers, double-cross with your policy document.

Understand home insurance exclusions

Your home insurance doesn’t protect you against all risks. Typical home insurance excludes damage from perils like floods, earthquakes, pest infestation, intentional damage, and normal wear and tear.

Understanding your home insurance exclusions helps you decide the add-ons to purchase and smoothens the claim process. 

Know the difference between market value and the replacement cost value

Which value do you use to insure your home? Is it the replacement value or market value? The market value is the amount your house would fetch if it were sold today. The replacement value is the estimated amount your house would cost if it were to be reconstructed today. 

In case of a financial loss, the replacement cost is the value that gives you the best chance to return your home to what it used to be with minimal financial intervention.

Home insurance in Corpus Christi, TX

Would you like to learn more about home insurance? Contact Revolutionary Insurance Group Corpus for more information. We will also get you home insurance coverage that protects your home, you, and your family. 

Must Have Home Insurance Coverage for Texas Homeowners

Texas is a vast and diverse state with so much to offer those who call it home. As a Texas homeowner, you’ll want to do your part to protect your investment from harm. The following must-have home insurance coverage from Revolutionary Insurance Group offers the essential protection you need. Here’s what you can expect from a standard homeowner’s policy.

Home Insurance Options in Corpus Christi, TX

With a standard home insurance policy, you benefit from the following coverage:

  • Dwelling – to protect your home structure from including foundation, roof, walls, etc., against such perils as tornadoes, severe storms, wildfire, lightning strikes, and more.
  • Property – to protect your personal items such as clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics, artwork, and other possessions
  • Liability – to cover liability claims of accidental injuries that may occur on your property

Importance of Home Insurance

Investments as valuable as your home and possessions shouldn’t be left to chance. With home insurance, your property will be protected against unfortunate events that can cost you financial loss. Home insurance offers financial support to repair your home or replace your goods if they’re damaged or destroyed in a major disaster. With natural disasters on the rise, it only makes sense to be prepared for any eventuality. Home insurance from Revolutionary Insurance Group is a practical and affordable means of protecting your property.

Tips for Selecting Coverage

Home coverage isn’t “one size fits all.” You choose the scope and type of coverage you want to meet your particular needs. When selecting coverage, consider the value of your home and possessions and the risks you face for financial loss. By customizing your home insurance, you’ll get the most from your policy.

To learn more about home insurance or purchase a policy for your Corpus Christi, TX home, call or visit Revolutionary Insurance Group.  

Three things that can make paying your home insurance premiums easier

Home insurance is important for protecting the investment you make in your home. Home insurance also means another monthly bill you need to stay on top of. At Revolutionary Insurance Group, we offer home insurance policies and work to make home insurance more convenient for homeowners in Corpus Christi, TX.

Fortunately, there are numerous things you can do to make paying your home insurance premiums easier. The following are three suggestions.

Pay home insurance through escrow

You can look into the possibility of paying your home insurance through your escrow account to make things more convenient. When you buy your home, the money you use for the purchase should go into an escrow account. This account is controlled by your mortgage lender. 

You may be able to have money that will go toward your home insurance costs put in your escrow account. Then, your mortgage lender will make the payments on your home insurance premiums through this escrow account. 

This is a good way to ensure that your home insurance premiums will be covered without any effort from you. 

Have payments automatically debited from your bank account

Many home insurance providers also have automatic payment capabilities. This means that you can set up your home insurance policy to automatically debit funds from your bank account when your payment is due each month. 

Bring down your home insurance premiums

Saving money on your home insurance also makes paying home insurance premiums easier. There are many ways to bring down the costs of home insurance. These include bundling home and auto insurance, increasing your policy deductible and making certain improvements to your property that enhance safety. 

To explore our home insurance policies in Corpus Christi, TX, contact us at Revolutionary Insurance Group