What Happens If I Don’t Have RV Insurance?

Without RV insurance, the costs of any damages or injuries will fall entirely on you. In the event of an accident or mechanical failure, you might be responsible for paying several thousand dollars in damages. If you don’t have RV insurance, even a minor collision, like scraping your bumper, can cause major headaches. Contact the staff at Revolutionary Insurance Group to receive the appropriate responses in Corpus Christi, TX.

What Should You Do? 

Check if your policy covers recreational vehicles (RVs). You likely need to get a special rider to add the RV to your policy if it does. You’ll need to shop around for RV insurance if your current policy doesn’t cover an RV. It’s best to do this sooner rather than later, as most insurance companies require you to have RV insurance before they let you drive an RV. 

If you don’t have RV insurance and are involved in an accident, your liability will depend on the terms of your rental contract. Most rental contracts have a liability limit of about $100,000, which is often less than the deductible for comprehensive car insurance. What’s more, you might not be covered by the rental company’s insurance if you cause an accident due to negligent driving, such as driving while intoxicated. 

You’ll also cater for any medical bills caused by the accident. Without RV insurance, there’s no way to protect yourself from financial risk. An RV is a sizeable investment, and it only makes sense to protect that investment with the right insurance policy. 

Final Words 

If you do not have RV insurance, you run the risk of being held financially responsible for any injuries or damages caused by your vehicle, regardless of whether or not you were at fault for the incident. If you cause a crash and are uninsured, you may be looking at a much higher financial penalty than if you had insurance. Uninsured drivers may also have their car and license suspended. For expert help, call Revolutionary Insurance Group, a firm serving in Corpus Christi, TX.