Texas Flood Insurance Zones Explained

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Texas Flood Insurance Zones Explained

Flooding is a major problem throughout Texas. Many Corpus Christi, TX residents understand how severe Texas weather is, especially during the summer. Flooding can occur at any moment. That’s why flood insurance is a necessity. The policy covers your property if it is damaged due to severe flooding. Your personal items are also covered if they suffer flood damage. If you have luxury paintings and other valuables at your home, you can amend your policy to cover those items if they are severely damaged due to flooding.

Pay attention to the flood zones, as that can help you adjust your policy, if necessary. Areas B and X along with C and X are considered relatively low-risk flood zones. Occasional drainage problems may occur, but not enough to cause substantial flooding. Areas A and AO are considered high-risk flood zones. There are areas where severe flooding will occur at least once a year. If you reside in these zones, flood insurance is essentially mandatory. If you stay in flood zone V, you may also be legally required to obtain flood insurance. Pay attention the map regularly, as the flood zones could change every few years.

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