Will Your Driving Record Impact Your RV Insurance in Texas?

Yes, your driving record will impact your RV insurance in Texas. When you are looking for RV insurance in Texas, one thing on your mind might be how your driving record impacts your insurance rates. 

It will because the RV insurance for a motor home requires information from your driving record in order to calculate your insurance policy. 

At Revolutionary Insurance Group, we want RV owners in Corpus Christi, TX to feel confident in their RV insurance policy. We can help you to get the best rates for your RV insurance.

What is On Your Driving Record?

Your driving record has a number of items that insurance agencies look at in order to determine your risk as a driver. 

We want to know how long you’ve held a license, and what is on your driving record. We will look at the number of tickets you’ve had, if any, and how serious they are. If you’ve been involved in any at-fault accidents, we will look at that as well.

Why do Driving Records Matter?

All of that will be taken into consideration when determining the rates of your RV insurance. That is because if you are a driver with some risks on your record, your insurance company needs to know that. If you are a higher risk, that does not mean that you won’t be allowed to purchase insurance. It may just mean that your premiums will be higher.

Your insurance company only needs to know what the problems are on your record, and if they are serious or not. A minor violation will stay on your record for 3 years from the date a ticket is paid. A major violation or conviction could be on your record for as long as 10 years.

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